Billesley Stars Playcare Club provides high quality care with a ratio of one member of staff to 8 children.

All members of our staff are fully qualified in first aid.

In the morning, parents are expected to bring children to the school’s breakfast club situated in the Main Hall. Access through the new entrance door in the playground. Please do not leave until they have been ‘handed over’ to a member of the breakfast club staff and their presence registered. At 8.50am the staff will accompany the children to their classroom and ‘hand them over’ to the class teacher. Junior children will walk to class on their own.

At the end of the school day, staff will collect children from their classrooms. Junior children will make their won way to the club in the Community Room, where they will be welcomed by a member of the Club staff.

Please ensure your child knows which days they are at the Club each week. It is important that the staff are informed who is to collect your child from the Club. Please let staff know if someone different is to collect your child at any time by ringing playcare on 0121 464 3429 after 3.20pm, or the Main School Office on
0121 675 2800 before 3.20pm.

Parents must come into the Club and report to the staff to sign their children out. This also gives staff the opportunity to discuss any issues with you or pass on any messages from your child’s class teacher.

Billesley Stars Playcare is part of Billesley Primary School and subject to the same policies and procedures of the school. The management of the club is the overall responsibility of Mrs Clifton and the Governing Body (we therefore offer you consistency of care in a familiar and safe environment).

The club serves our school community and is only available for children from Nursery up to Year 6 who attend Billesley Primary School.

Fees and Booking procedures

Parents/Carers are requested to complete a Registration Form. Regular bookings are made when a parent books the same days each week on an ongoing basis.

Fees are payable at the start of each week in which yoru child is booked into the club. Parents are welcome to pay half-termly in advance if they prefer. Payment must be in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s full name and class with the amount enclosed and given to club staff. Small payment envelopes can be purchased from the school/club for £1 per 20 pack. Any payments made by cheque should be made payable to Billesley Primary School.

Please make every effort to keep payments up to date as if a debt builds up your child/children may be ineligible to attend clubs until this is cleared. We will however be willing to create payment plans if this is more suited to your circumstances.

Morning Session

  Afternoon Session

8.00am – 8.50am
Cost of Breakfast
(£1.00 per day)
If extra food is required please see Breakfast Menu
  3.10pm – 4.30pm
4.30pm – 5.30pm
£3.00 per hour


Once a booking has been made, parents are requested to contact the school by 9.00am to notify of child’s absence. If a child does not attend, the full amount for each session booked will be payable
(i.e. £3.00 per hour).

Late Collections

Please make every effort to arrive before 5.30pm. The staff finish work at this time and the school gates are locked. After 5.30pm the club will incur overtime payments for club staff, which necessitates us making a charge of £3.00 late collection fee per 15 minutes. Parents are requested to contact the Club by telephone if they know they are going to be late.


We expect the same standard of good behaviour in the club as in school. Children will be encourage to treat each other and members of staff with consideration, respect and good manners. We aim to create a family atmosphere where the children will mix with all age groups and help each other. The club follows the same Behaviour Policy as the school. Any concerns about individual behaviour will be discussed a they arise and may be referred to Mrs Clifton as necessary.


Contact Us

Billesley Primary School
Trittiford Road
B13 0ES
0121 675 2800