Geography is the subject which explores the world that we live in now, what it was like in the past and what it might be in the future. At Billesley, we teach geography in a creative and inspiring way to ensure children develop a curiosity and fascination with the world and the people who live in it that will remain with them for life.

The local area and the ‘Seven Wonders of Billesley’ are at the heart of the geography curriculum. Our children build on their geographical fieldwork skills year on year through practical experiences; collecting, analysing and communicating a wide range of geographical information in creative and interesting ways. During these fieldwork activities, children map, sketch, measure and record using digital technologies. This hands-on approach to the local area ensures our children are aware of their local community and develops their relationship and respect for the area they go to school in.

Through WOW experiences, such as visits to the seaside, the Snowdome and our KS2 residential experiences, in a range of settings across the UK, our children experience different geographical regions within the UK.

Our children also develop their positional and locational knowledge of globally significant places including Rio & South America, Madagascar and deserts defining their physical and human characteristics. They study physical and human features of the world, how these are interdependent and change over time, including work about extreme weather, mountains and the North and South Pole. In lessons, children use a range of sources including atlases, maps, globes, aerial photographs and ICT. They investigate, compare and contrast different places and processes to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works.

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