History at Billesley is a creative, child led exploration which aims to inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past. We endeavour to challenge children’s own perspectives of the past by showing them aspects of Britain and the wider world’s complex and captivating history. By encouraging children to question changes in society and culture over time and deepen their thinking through philosophical enquiry, we lead them to an understanding of how the world we know today was formed. WOW events at the beginning of a theme immerse children in what they are discovering, engaging them in the subject and allowing them to experience it in a different way. 

Looking into Britain’s own beginnings is investigated in Year 3 with the Stone Age to the Battle of Hastings, delving into the many empires who invaded and settled in our isles. In some year groups we discover the local area and the fascinating roots of the Birmingham we know today. Inventor’s such as Matthew Boulton and entrepreneurs like George Cadbury have carved place in Birmingham’s rich history and give the children a sense of pride for their city. Venturing further away from home, years 4 and 6 unearth the early and ancient civilisations of China, Greece and Baghdad, identifying similarities and differences to their own lives and seeing the impact these cultures had on different societies. Additionally, Year 1 look at our impact on other places with Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America and how that lead to the beginning of one of the most powerful countries in the world. 

Throughout all of these themes, teachers aspire to wow their children, make them think about and question what they find, hopefully encouraging a lifelong enchantment with history.

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