In the past decade or so, ICT has made the world around us a really exciting place to be. It opens the gateway to an immense world out there. It enables children to access a vast amount of information which allows them to build on own experiences and knowledge.

At Billesley Primary school we believe that both staff and pupils are competent and confident in the use of ICT. Allowing areas of the curriculum to be more exciting and engaging to children as well as allowing staff to effectively teach areas of the curriculum with the use of ICT. We aim to keep pace with educational developments in this area and have a commitment to teachers having the necessary tools e.g. laptops, interactive whiteboards, iPads and training to do their jobs effectively. 

Our vision at Billesley encompasses the following aims: 
• To lead the school into new and innovative practises. 
• To motivate, engage and inspire children and raise standards across the curriculum. 
• Give all pupils opportunities to use ICT in every subject from English and Maths to PE and Music. 
• To develop every pupil’s ICT skills through ICT lessons, allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge as well as consolidate their ICT capability. 
• To teach pupils how to use the internet safely and know where to go for help if necessary. 
• To keep pace with educational developments and ensure teachers have the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively, allowing them to be confident and capable to create effective creative learning experiences for all pupils. 

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